# Juillet / Août

Cet été, la pépinière reste ouverte ! Pensez à prendre RDV !
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Profitez de vos vacances pour vous ressourcer au contact de la nature !





Grower based south of Lyon and specialising in the production of ornamental mature and specimen trees of high quality. We supply retail and commercial companies, as well as garden and landscape designers and private people in France and abroad. You will find in our nursery more than 400 different varieties that are all listed in our online catalogue below.

If you want to choose and tag your trees, we recommend you to make an appointement to visit our nursery with our expert team.

More info at contact@guillot-bourne.com

The plant of the month

WISTERIA sinensis 
Shape : Climber.
Flower: Beautiful long mauve blue flowers. Born April/May, then during summer.
Bark: Brown.
Soil: Deep and dry to fresh soil filled with compost. But can tolerate any soil.
Infos en + : Climber with plenty of flowers and that attracts lots of insects.Read more